bts Nathalie Bergström

A behind the scene taken by my assistant while working with a stylist for a magazine!


Canon or Nikon?

Digital or analog?
Both, but if I have to chose it’ll be digital since that’s what I’m using the most. Even though I love analog!

RAW, always.

Studio or outside?
Since I prefer natural light, outside. Though living in Sweden isn’t optimal during the winter haha.


Which mode do you photograph in?

What do you like to photograph the most?
People, capturing moments and memories, I also love taking photos at concerts (with no flash!).

What was your first camera?
It was a small little pentax that my aunt borrowed me (analog).


What is your dream job?
Photojournalist. To be able to travel around the world doing documentary work, exploring countries, cultures and capturing it with my camera.

SydAfrika (13)

What other photographers do you get inspired by?
Where to start? Mary Ellen Mark, Anton Corbijn, Erik Johansson, Vivian Maier, Anders Petersen and many more.

Man by the sea in Nice, France, photo by Nathalie Bergström

What do you think is important for a photographer while working?
Making people comfortable and feeling it’s alright to be photographed! Not everybody appreciates having a camera shoved up in their face. Be respectful and make sure that there’s a “good vibe” before the photo shoot.